Training Partner Program

  • Are you qualified, experienced and looking for a career change?

  • Have you considered education and training?

With our

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and soon to be updated

  • Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and,

  • Diploma of Training Design and Development,

We are well placed to assist you with this change.

 Your knowledge and skills are valuable to you and others who are looking for a career in the areas where you have your expertise. Through these courses you have the opportunity to become a trainer and use what you have gained through your hard work and experience to build your future and assist others to do the same. Don’t lock away your knowledge, skills and experience and cause these to be lost to industry when you retire, pass them onto future generations of workers.

 At AMLA, we can assist you to move to another level in your career as a VET educator doing training and assessment. Your new skills can also assist your organisation / employer to become a centre of learning.


We plan to offer all of the courses in our academy to clients around Australia through AMLA’s training partners in a variety of presentations formats, i.e. face to face training, blended courses, distance learning, E-Learning, industry training and individual tuition.


You can link to an AMLA Training Partner in your State or Territory by going to our Training Partner Link and choosing the State or Territory in which you want to train. This will then provide you with links to the Training Companies where you can receive the training you require. These Training Companies will provide all or some of the training formats listed.


AMLA is established on strong foundations with highly qualified people with extensive experience, high standards, excellent work ethics and programs which are innovative and supportive of our students. Our Training Partners have people with like skills who will ensure that you receive the guidance and individual support, in any area of need, to assist your progress towards gaining your chosen qualification.


At AMLA we are constantly looking for new directions to pioneer and invite enquiries from experienced, qualified and highly competent people / companies in health, community service, retail, hospitality, business, education, etc., to partner with us in our very profitable Partnering programs. Companies in the program are enjoying returns in six figures after the initial set up period.  We can assist you with establishing your business, marketing including website setup and management, financial management, and establishing training programs, systems and your training culture. 


A word of caution.  This is a long term project and must be done with care to gain the best ultimate result.  Standards and processes cannot be comprised as these are determined and audited by the training regulators, ASQA who have the ability to cease a company’s operations.  AMLA will assist you to become established and will also regularly monitor and audit your progress and development.  The costs associated with this partnering program and process will be provided at an introductory meeting which can be arranged by emailing AMLA at


I invite you to take a few minutes to roam around this site and find what services and support programs AMLA has, or is planning to introduce in the near future. You may be able to assist in the growth of these new programs and benefit financially by being involved in the future of AMLA. Please read on…..