TAE10 Course: Student Feedback 2016

Following is a sample of feedback given by the students at the end of the training program.

A quality delivered course that I will recommend to my colleagues and management personnel.

                                                Aaron Brit

A very thorough course that included all knowledge required.

I would definitely recommend this course and company to others for training as the quality was exceptional.  No short cuts were permitted so there was great value in that.

                                                Ethan Ferris

Thanks Allan. It’s been a very busy week but very informative. I’ve learned an enormous amount about what it means to be an educator, not just a trainer of TAE40110.

                                                Lindsay Smith

The training was a great time to get so much information.  Being able to take the handbook home as a reference folder is great. The course was a great experience.

                                                Clark Turner               

Training facility / trainer were excellent.

I have completed previous Cert IV TAA training and this by far has been the best Cert IV training so thank you.

                                                Leslie McCartney                                                          

I found the flexibility in the material and assessments allowed me to work on presentations that were relevant, interesting and valuable to me in my workplace.

                                                Nicole Hughes

An exhausting but great course, well worth the hard work. I am so glad that this is the organisation I selected to study through. Thank you, thank you, thank you.      

                                   Kaja Stern       John Flynn Private Hospital